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3 Reasons To Become a Voice Over Actor

An actor in the traditional sense usually conveys information and emotion using his or her body as well as the voice. A voice actor, or commercial voice over artist, is someone who conveys information and emotion by using his or her voice alone. Some people think that voice acting is easier, but that isn’t necessarily true. Some of the skills that a voice-over actor requires are similar to those required by traditional actors. Others are different but no less important, and voice acting skills require hard work to learn and master. Nevertheless, becoming a voice actor offers certain advantages.

1. Variety

There is a wide variety of different jobs available to you as a voice actor. You may be able to read audiobooks, provide educational content, bring animated characters to life, or narrate commercials.

As a voice actor, you may find that you get roles that you would have been passed over for as a traditional actor. Unlike an acting job that requires you to appear on stage or screen, your physical appearance has little to no bearing on your ability to do voice work.

2. Profitability

You may find that even a relatively brief recording job can pay hundreds or thousands of dollars. When you start getting consistent voice-over work, you can end up making a comfortable living at the very least.

3. Flexibility

Being a voice actor allows you to be your own boss. You get to choose which jobs to accept and which to pass on. You often have the ability to choose when and where you work, especially if you have your own home studio.

While some people devote themselves entirely to voice-over acting, others divide their time between voice acting and traditional acting. This gives them a chance to support themselves by practicing their craft while continuing to develop voice skills.