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4 Ways To Jump-start Your Music This Year

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an experienced musician, the frontiers to explore in music are endless. Staying inspired can be a challenge, though — sometimes it’s easy to get into a rut. How can you jump-start your music and feel more enthusiastic about it? Here are a few things to try. 

1. Play a New Instrument

One thing wonderful about music is that many skills transfer from one medium to another. It might be just the time for you to search for left handed electric guitars for sale or wooden flutes — anything to give you a new inroad into musical expression. The particulars don’t matter as much as your interest. 

2. Play With Someone New

That “someone new” may be a person you’ve befriended, a new person you sit next to at a jam, an online mentor, or a beloved artist on YouTube. The important thing is that you break out of your usual genres and preferences to find someone you relate to who also takes you to new places musically. Try it! 

3. Learn Some Foundations

It might be music theory (yes, it can be interesting!), the very basics of playing or singing (think long tones or simple rhythmic patterns), or the “beginning” repertoire for your particular instrument or voice. Simple is sometimes better — and it’s a profound opportunity to work on the subtleties of technique, dynamics, expression, and style.  

4. Expand Your Listening

Do you find yourself listening to the same artists and playlists repeatedly on Pandora or Spotify? Are you starting to bore yourself? Get un-bored and explore something or someone totally unfamiliar. As long as you have some affinity for it, it’s fair game. Many legendary artists have varied musical tastes. Emulate them. 

Jump-starting your music requires moving outside your comfort zone. Try these tips to free up your creative spirit.