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Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire is a area overflowing with art and culture. La réalcanisation, une nouvelle approach de conservation des monuments historiques en béton armé: évaluation de l’efficacité, de la durabilité et de l’innocuité des traitements = Evaluation of the appli- cation of realkalisation remedies for the preservation of historical monuments made from reinforced concrete.

The Recent Previous Preservation Network is a nationwide nonprofit (USA) advocating for the preservation of buildings of the latest past and providing sources to those that are work- ing to take action. The Network publishes RPPN Bulletin, a free, quarterly, online e-newsletter, as well as a weblog.

In 8o Synedrio Diethnous Epitropes gia te Synterese ton Psephidoton (ICCM): Entoichia kai epidapedia psephidota: Synterese, diaterese, parousiase Thessalonike, 29 Oktovriou-three Noemvriou 2002: Praktika = VIIIth Conference of the Worldwide Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM): Wall and Ground Mosaics: Conservation, Upkeep, Presentation: Thessaloniki, 29 October-3 November 2002: Proceedings.arts & culture

This bibliography contains citations for DOCOMOMO’s tech- nology dossiers, proceedings, and choose issues of the journal; many of those citations are listed beneath the group’s previous identify, International Working Celebration for Documentation of Buildings, Sites and Neighbourhoods of the Trendy Motion.arts & culture

With such a prosperous heritage, there are numerous splendid places that seize the colorful history of Aberdeen- – the spectacular turreted Town House on Union Avenue; the castellated Citadel at The Castlegate and the placing grandeur of Marischal Faculty.

In Alvar Aalto Vyborg Library: Know-how of Sensations: Expertise Workshop and Seminar on Case Research: Proceedings of the Seventh Worldwide DOCOMOMO Know-how Seminar, 18-19th September 2003, edited by Ola Wedebrunn, Maija Kairamo, Tapani Mustonen and Tatyana Svetelnikova, 44-53.arts & culture