Elements of Fine Art
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Elements of Fine Art

Elements of Fine Art

Fine art is one of the branches of artists whose work can be enjoyed with the senses of sight and touch. Until now, works of art are still in great demand because the results are like real objects.

Like other works of art, works of art also have elements that make them up. The elements of art generally consist of physical and non-physical elements and also music improves overall emotional well-being

Elements of Fine Arts


The point is the most basic elements of fine art. It is the basis of art here because dots can give birth to the form of ideas/ideas and then create a line, shape, and plane.

In addition, there is also a famous painting technique using a combination of dot color and size called the Pointillism technique.


A line is a collection of points formed by scratching or pulling from one point to another. … Read More

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Recommended Science and Art Toys For Kids
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Recommended Science and Art Toys For Kids

Recommended Science and Art Toys For Kids

The many benefits of science & art toys, of course, provide the right experience for children in the process of growing and developing each child is certainly not the same. There are a number of activities such as singing, reading, and doing other activities that can always provide important benefits in the mental and brain development of children.

From here, there is an important opportunity to make some recommendations for children’s toys with the theme of art and science that need to be developed. So there is great potential to make the list of the best children’s toys currently being sold at affordable prices increasingly in demand.

Recommended Science & Art Toys For Kids

Step 2 Studio Art Desk

A special children’s play set in a science theme shows the Step 2 Art Study Table. Not only in terms of knowledge but there are elements of art in this game. … Read More

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4 Benefits of Tai Chi Martial Arts for Health
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4 Benefits of Tai Chi Martial Arts for Health

4 Benefits of Tai Chi Martial Arts for Health

Tai Chi martial arts, both as a sport and meditation, is considered good for anyone who wants to achieve physical health and inner peace. No wonder, many people choose this sport to relieve stress, and anxiety, and to improve concentration.

Tai Chi is Easy to Do

Unlike other martial arts that seem to rely solely on physical exertion, Tai Chi’s movements are softer, slower, and focused on concentration and breathing exercises. This is the reason why this sport is perfect for anyone, even the elderly.

Its gentle movements make muscles and joints not burdened by excessive pressure, so it is good for maintaining healthy muscles and joints.

This advantage is also what makes Tai Chi suitable as an alternative to elderly exercise for those who are no longer able to exercise with heavy intensity. Even Tai Chi can reduce the complaints of arthritis sufferers.

Another advantage that Tai Chi martial … Read More

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Economic power of Vermont Arts and Culture assessed

MONTPELIER—Vermont is participating in one of the nation’s largest studies to gauge the economic power of the nonprofit arts and culture industry, and it needs audience input.

The national study, Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6), is the sixth national study of its kind and is administered by Americans for the Arts. Conducted about every five years, the study measures the economic impact of spending on employment, government revenue, and household income related to the nonprofit arts and culture industry. AEP6 involves 387 participating communities representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Now through April 2023, Vermont audiences attending select in-person arts and cultural events, performances, and exhibits will be asked to take a brief electronic survey, either on their own smart device or using a venue-provided device. Survey questions will ask about event-related spending and attitudes toward the cultural event.

Vital anchors for many of Vermont’s communities,

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3 Reasons Liberal Arts Graduates Are Qualified For MBA Programs And Business Careers

Whether you majored in philosophy or photography, the value of a liberal arts degree has been a subject of debate for years. 

Though liberal arts majors are considered non-technical, students who graduate in these interdisciplinary fields possess all of the transferable skills needed to succeed in business. In fact, individuals with non-business degrees offer a diverse skill set that can benefit business organizations across all industries. Liberal arts majors are also extremely qualified candidates for mini and traditional MBAs.

Three reasons liberal arts graduates are qualified for MBA programs and business careers:


  • Critical thinking and communication skills are foundational to liberal arts degrees

From English to social sciences, the standard liberal arts curriculum teaches students to think critically about problems, and form and communicate their own evidence-based solutions. Not only does this form of analytical thinking apply to reading and writing, but it also sets individuals up for success

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Join The Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership Program

Artists are often faced with unique challenges – getting noticed, making money, feeling fulfilled and productive.  Often, the freelance lifestyle of an artist can be a roller-coaster and constant struggle to stay afloat and relevant. The trope of the starving artist is real.

A new program designed to pair artists to students may offer a new place to use your creative voice in a teacher/student setting.

The Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership is looking for artists with diverse skills and backgrounds (visual artists, dancers, actors, musicians, writers, etc) to join the roster of Directory of Pennsylvania Artists in Education. These artists will have the unique opportunity to become artists in residence in schools and community sites across Southeastern PA.  

The application process vets artists of all mediums for listing in their Artists In Education directory. Those selected will have access to funding and training during their artist residence. School

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How Making Art Helps Improve Mental Health | Science

Patients who are struggling with everything from ADHD to eating disorders have turned to art therapy for help.
Illustration by Emily Lankiewicz

Like many, Andrea Cooper felt increasingly isolated and lonely during the coronavirus pandemic. Cooper, a retired graphic designer and amateur folk musician who leads a grant-funded art program for cancer patients at Baltimore’s Mercy Medical Center, is a highly social person. So when the pandemic led to the cancellation of many of her activities and events, and caused others to be switched to Zoom, she missed her usual face-to-face connections with others.

As the pandemic dragged on, her mental health began to suffer even more. Eventually, Cooper’s depression got so bad that she had to be hospitalized. As part of her recovery, she participated in a ten-day inpatient program and began working with an art therapist.

Even though she’s an artist herself, Cooper was at first skeptical of

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World Travel Packing List

Luckily for you, Flight Centre’s lovely experts are here to help. I like to write and so a journal is a must-have travel essential. I jot down feelings, ideas and plans so that I can re-read them at a later date and be transported back to a certain moment kelilingkota.com in time. Travelling involves a lot of documents and gadgets and at the airport, it can be a real hassle keep getting stuff in and out of a bag. It’s on the list of important travel products for a good reason, it makes your life easy and secure.

Packing cubes make life easy and when you are travelling for a long time that is what you need. Never assume that your hotel room will come complete with a travel adapter as it usually won’t and asking to borrow one from reception doesn’t always work. Instead, add this to your list … Read More

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Video Games & Consoles for sale

You can free-play your way through the collection of arcade games at the NVM. Our challenge is to deliver a world-class cultural centre at the heart of an active, diverse and inclusive games community. GameCentral takes a look at all the new board games and RPGs revealed at Gen Con 2022, the world’s biggest tabletop gaming convention. It helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another in the English language. Get the snow tires ready and pack your best parka, because Blizzard Mountain beckons! The Blizzard Mountain Expansion for Forza Horizon 3 brings with it a Forza first – snow, ice, extreme elevations and blizzards to challenge players in their quest to become the King of the Mountain.

The game’s developer Supermassive Games has named it as a spiritual successor to Until Dawn, yet there are a number of evolutions on the predecessor’s gameplay. … Read More

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British Airways Holidays 2022

Home to the majestic Himalayan ranges and the world’s highest peak, Everest, Nepal is a paradise for trekkers whether you’re beginners or experienced travellers. If you are looking for a fascinating culture that is unlike any other countries in the world, you’ll certainly find that in Japan. This is one of the major reasons that make it such a captivating country to explore for all travellers. Bhutanese are known to be warm and friendly hospitality. They love helping traveller explore the beauty of their kingdom. Besides, most Bhutanese can speak English fluently so if you want to understand more about Bhutan’s culture and history, feel free to interact with locals and they will always be willing to help.

  • Most important of all, our customers’ safety and enjoying every minute in your trip are our priorities.
  • With this in mind, we specially tailor a collection of Multi-Country Asia Tours aiming to
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