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Unique Souvenirs to Commemorate a Special Trip

Whether traveling abroad or vacationing near home, most people want a special keepsake to help them remember their trip. However, many souvenirs geared towards tourists tend to turn into clutter over time. Instead of purchasing something you don’t need, consider investing in a special item you’ll enjoy for many years. Here are three unique ideas to help commemorate your next special getaway.

Artwork for Your Home

At your next destination, buy handmade art from local artisans. Look for interesting pieces that fit your style and taste but reflect the unique personality of the area you’re visiting. Not only will you add a beautiful piece to your home decor but you’ll also help support art in that community. Keep in mind that art comes in many forms. Paintings and sculpture are more traditional choices, but jewelry and even textiles can be artwork as well.

Practical Items You Can Use Every Day

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