Divorce and Family Law

Divorce settlements follow a legal framework and you won’t be awarded less because of infidelity for example. If you’ve never been divorced before, it will be helpful to get an idea of what to expect from the process so you can be prepared for it. When you’re going through a divorce and paying for legal help, you don’t want the hassle of having to go over old ground and explain things to different people at different stages.

  • Our experienced defence solicitors are available to guide you through the process and explore all possible defences – to help you keep your license.
  • You could also consider making a postnuptial agreement if you are already married.
  • We can advise on the drafting of a separation agreement, a written contract that contains provisions for maintenance payments, bank accounts, pensions, your family home and any debts that you may have.
  • Our specialist surgical error lawyers will advise you on making a claim and ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our expert team will help provide the legal advice and protection that you need. If your spinal injury is a result of medical negligence, our experienced solicitors will assist and advise you on the long-term and lifelong implications. We will be with you every step of your new life journey , ensuring the best treatment perdana4peace and results for you and your family. Suffering from gynaecological injuries from poor care and treatment can cause emotional stress, as well as physical pain. Our expert medical negligence team understand the compensation process for gynaecological negligence, and will make sure you receive the best outcome.

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We understand the impact asbestos can have on you and your family, and how devastating this can be. Our expert asbestos team have the expertise and understanding to guide you successfully through your claim. If you have concerns over planning permission or have been refused permission to develop your commercial property, our specialist property solicitors can advise you on your rights and the next steps to take. Seeking advice on the interpretation of leases and your rights and obligations. Our commercial property specialists regularly advise both freeholders and leaseholders. Retrieving money owed to you can sometimes be a difficult process when the other party fails to pay.

Our specialist internet law specialists are here to help, by providing you with representation right the way through your case. We answer the most commonly asked questions in regards to criminal defence costs. If your land has restrictive covenants that limit its use, our commercial property experts can negotiate on your behalf to remove or update these restrictions. If your personal or sensitive information has been shared without your consent, we could help you claim compensation from those who breached your privacy rights.

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If any of the paperwork is completed incorrectly, this can cause delay and sometimes even increase the court fees payable. We can ensure all the papers are in order for you so that the process is as quick and simple as possible. This can be the most traumatic time of your life and our expert lawyers will deal with your case in a sensitive and sympathetic manner and will aim to progress it at a pace that you are comfortable with. Under Spanish law you can opt for either a petition for separation or a petition for divorce. The main difference is that if you opt just for a separation, you cannot marry again until you obtain a divorce order.