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History: Most Popular Museum in Indonesia

History: Most Popular Museum in Indonesia

History – The museum is not only a place to store objects and photo collections of historical events but can be an exciting tourist spot. No less fun with exploring the city, you can add to your knowledge with fun at the following recommendations for the most popular museums in Indonesia:

Museum Angkut, Batu City

The Angkut Museum is the first transportation-themed museum in Asia. It stores a large collection of types of transportation, from bicycles to F1 racing cars. Transportations are placed and decorated according to their original location, such as the museum section with the theme of the British Empire.

National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta

The National Museum of Indonesia or known as the Elephant Museum is the largest museum in Southeast Asia. The next most popular museum in Indonesia is located in Central Jakarta and houses original historical objects from all over Indonesia. From archeology, history, and ethnography, to geography. In 1862 the museum collection had filled the building. Therefore, the Dutch East Indies government immediately built a new building which was finally occupied until now.

Fatahillah Museum, Jakarta

Museum Fatahillah yang memiliki nama resmi Museum Sejarah Jakarta ini terletak di kawasan Kota Tua. Terdapat 23.500 koleksi benda-benda bersejarah, baik berupa asli maupun replika. Arsitektur bangunannya bergaya neoklasik dengan tiga lantai.

The Blanco Renaissance Museum, Ubud

The Blanco Museum is one of the most popular museums in Indonesia. Its founder was an American and Spanish painter, namely Antonio Blanco. Inside the museum, you will find studios, galleries, gift shops, libraries, cafes, and the Blanco family temple.

Ullen Sentalu Museum, Yogyakarta

The Ullen Sentalu Museum houses various collections and relics of Javanese culture and life during the Mataram Kingdom. The museum’s name is an acronym for the word Ulating Blencong Sejatine Tataraning Lumaku which means the Lamp of Human Life.

Siwalima Museum, Ambon

The Siwalima Museum is located in the Taman Makmur area, Amahusu Village, Nusaniwe District, Ambon City, Maluku Province. According to history, the name Siwalima is from the history of the kingdoms that once existed in Maluku. This next most popular museum in Indonesia is not only famous for storing historical objects but also has a strategic position, which is facing Ambon Bay which with its exoticism will amaze you.

House of Sampoerna Museum, Surabaya

The House of Sampoerna Museum was built in 1858 and is located in Surabaya, Indonesia. Then this museum has a large central hall, two small buildings on the east and west sides, and an open space behind the central hall. This museum offers a unique experience for visitors to see firsthand the manufacture of cigarettes that are still done manually.

Indonesian Record Museum, Semarang

On January 27, 1990, Jaya Suprana established a museum, namely the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI). The museum is located in the Industrial area of PT. Jamu Jago, Semarang, Central Java. Then, they store various photo collections of records and achievements that have been broken by Indonesians.

Aceh Tsunami Museum

The Aceh Tsunami Museum is also an educational center and an emergency shelter if a similar disaster occurs again. The purpose of building this museum is to honor the victims of the 2004 earthquake and tsunami in Aceh.

In addition to the various popular museums above, there are still many cool museums in Indonesia that you can explore!