In both times of war and of peace, women’s political leadership helps build societies that benefit us all

In a matter of weeks then Europe’s largest powers were primed for war, but Britain was still in two minds over whether it should be involved. France, fearing this new empire on their doorstep, allied with Russia in the east. An unlikely friendship for two of Europe’s most ideologically opposed nations. That then left Germany feeling surrounded and pushed them to form an alliance with the Austro-Hungarian Empire and to a lesser extent Italy. Finally, Britain and its empire, afraid of German domination on the continent, drifted closer to France and Russia, though without going as far as forming an alliance.

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  • What we see is a general attempt to redraw global relations in a time when transnational dynamics and movements of people are shaking the very roots of a rotten geopolitical system.
  • This includes discussions on the concept and various models of democracy, as well as the institutions and processes that rely on it.
  • Discover challenges facing the five emerging powers in the shifting power structures of international affairs.
  • France knew that it faced German invasion, but was clear that it must stand or fall with Russia.
  • The Undeclared War is a lesson to us all in handling social media and its blizzard of misinformation.

It is said that streaming companies are not hostile to these ideas but the government has not pursued them, with Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries intent on privatisation. The drama’s depiction of the London newsroom of the fictional ‘Russia Global News’ brings to mind the real life channel RTHe criticised ITV as “unfashionable” and “a sort of tragic television Faust”. The BBC had “forgotten what it’s for”, which was “to ask awkward questions, to rock the boat and make mischief”.

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It feared Germany’s domination of the continent and its challenge to British industrial and imperial supremacy. Erudite yet accessible, this comprehensive reference work will prove to be an engaging and enlightening read for policymakers, academics, and students of political science, economics, public policy, and sociology. This collection, part of a series entitled Visual Politics of War, presents some of the key approaches to war reporting and suggests trajectories for further critical research into media visualisation of conflict.

Global health concerns are becoming increasingly important to ongoing debates about the social impact of worldwide economic and environmental change. On this module you will learn about contemporary health issues from the point of view of both international relations and ethics, and explore the connections between these approaches. In the early 20th century France had a pivotal role in both world wars, suffering both invasion and conquest and undergoing a traumatic process of decolonisation.

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They formulated war plans which they expected to bring swift victories if war came. Austria-Hungary, with German encouragement, declared war on Serbia on 28 July. Germany’s violation of Belgian neutrality and British fears of German domination in Europe brought Britain and its empire into the war on 4 August.