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Moco Museum and other places to enjoy photography

We know you love photography. There are many places you can visit in Amsterdam to nourish yourself with its photographic culture. After visiting the Moco Museum there are other places that you will want to retract for immortality. Prepare your camera and your desire to learn from a new perspective. After your visit to the Amsterdam museum, you must find the location of the Iamsterdam Sign. We will give you some clues. Although you can find pictures that place this sign on Museumplein, it was removed from there in December 2018 at the request of the city council. However, you still have a chance to stumble upon one upon your arrival at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. If you’re a bit lucky, you might stumble upon the mobile version of this curious sign while on the street.

Photos, photos and more photos

Your camera is ready. Full battery and a backup battery. It’s time to shoot. Your first mission is to photograph as many Amsterdam Building Gable Stones as possible. They are scattered all over the city on the facades of some buildings. It is said that there are about 850 gable stones that you will have to add to your collection. A trip full of fun where you can capture in photos the history of these stones. If at some point you lose your way, Amsterdam has the perfect place to give the right direction to your photographic compass. We are talking about the Melkweg EXPO Photo Exhibition. Located in the Milk CafĂ© at Marnixstraat 409, it has a collection of contemporary photographs that varies every month. Admission is free, so you can motivate your creativity without major limitations. Quite an adventure!

Less photos and more films

Perhaps the world of film also appeals to you. If so, get ready to shoot your own movie. We know you love to record every moment with your camera. And you certainly won’t want to stop when you visit the James Bond House. You can find this famous building at Reguliersgracht 36. It was part of The James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever (1971), in the scene where James Bond (Sean Connery) visits the third floor of Tiffany Case’s apartment. Although entry is not allowed, you can portray it from the outside. Another good option is the EYE Film building. It is a film museum and cinema at the same time. It is located on the north-bank of the IJ. To get the best shot of this fantastic building, you should cross the canal by ferry while shooting your camera.