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Judo is one of the many martial arts forms and is an offshoot of a a lot older martial art, jujitsu. Proceedings of Hydrophobe IV, Worldwide Conference on Water Repellent Remedy of Building Supplies, Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, April 12-thirteen, 2005, edited by Johan Silfwerbrand, 119-24. Convention Proceedings: Vision and Actuality: Social Aspects of Structure and City Planning within the Trendy Movement.history of arts

Archaeologia maritima mediterranea: An Worldwide Journal on Underwater Archaeology (6): 167-86. Ambivalente perspectieven op fashionable erfgoed: een gesprek tussen Wessel de Jonge en Réjean Legault = Ambivalent positions on modern heritage: A dialogue between Wessel de Jonge and Réjean Legault.

Practical Constructing Conservation: Mortars, Renders & Plasters. Advanced strengthening systems for conserving twentieth century concrete heritage: The moral justification of using Fibre Strengthened Polymer (FRP) composites. Materials conservation for the twentieth century: The case for structural glass.history of arts

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