Types of business software

The module focuses on how to build and maintain real-world, dynamic websites using open source languages including PHP and MySQL. All other qualifications have an overall grade determined by results in modules from the final level of study. In Masters degrees of more than 200 credit points the final 120 points usually determine the overall grading. Assessment can be via one method or a combination e.g. examination and coursework .

Gain experience through course-related placements, opportunities to work shadow or a year in industry. Depending on the nature of the business, travel within a working day or absence from home at night may be required. Women are currently underrepresented in this profession and gender imbalance across the IT industry as a whole is a recognised issue. Women who want to work in technology should visit Women in Technology for information and jobs. The job involves spending many hours at the keyboard, so high levels of concentration are required. Regular breaks are essential to minimise potential adverse health effects such as eye strain or back problems.

  • It will also help you explain your business and its requirements to potential suppliers when buying software.
  • This module focuses on modern artificial intelligence techniques and their inspiration from biological systems.
  • As the UK IPO will subsequently consider whether an invention is novel and inventive over the prior art, the UK IPO and EPO should in theory reach the same result in most cases.
  • We use the term System Software for software which is primarily used to operate the hardware.
  • This module introduces students to modern Operating Systems with a focus on security.

There are some extra costs that you might have to pay, or choose to pay, depending on your programme of study and the decisions you make. During Clearing, we look at all of your qualifications and experience, not just your academic grades. If you’re enrolled on a full-time programme of study, you’ll be expected to complete about 40 hours of academic work each week. From transportation to power generation, their safe operation is a fundamental consideration during their design and beyond.

Each student must complete 120 credits in each academic year, with the exception of placement year . If you are seeking patent protection for in the UK, consider filing a European patent application rather than a UK national patent application. Discuss with your patent attorney whether your computer software invention provides a “technical solution” to a “technical problem and, if so, how the technical aspects of your invention can be made more apparent in the specification.


Students will have an in-depth knowledge of basic skills in security, and an appreciation for emerging themes that could impact secure systems in the future. The module provides an underpinning foundation of research concepts, methods and techniques necessary for project development and delivery. The students employ research skills developed during the module to gather research from a variety of sources and critically review this literature. Embedded in all these activities is the reinforcement of the need for adhering to recognised ethical standards and taking a professional approach to employability. The Computer Science Software Systems Development course aims to deliver graduates that can apply best practice in the application of software engineering to the development of a wide range of information systems in organisations.

College Level /dual level classes should be shown on a transcript or certificate and named as academic subject to be taken in the USA. We may accept your English language grade from the Dutch Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs diploma if you achieved 8 in English. Students from INTI College and Prime College may be considered for direct entry to the second year of our Engineering programmes. Students who have the Secondary Education Certificate plus one year of a Bachelors degree from a recognised university with a minimum GPA or 65% may also be considered.

For example, it is possible to download and use a library of routines that can be used with Windows Media Player. This includes things like making playlists, functions and procedures for accessing and manipulating the music library and playback routines. Courses are continually reviewed to take advantage of new teaching approaches and developments in research, industry and the professions. The exact modules available and their order may vary depending on course updates, staff availability, timetabling and student demand. As part of your course induction, you will be provided with details of the organisation and management of the course, including attendance and assessment requirements – usually in the form of a timetable. For full-time courses, the precise timetable for each semester is not confirmed until near the start date and may be subject to change in the early weeks as all courses settle into their planned patterns.

For businesses with more than ten desktop PCs, it can be better to set them up so that they all have a common set of software. This will make it easier to keep them all up-to-date and to check that software is properly licensed. You also need to consider if software will still be suitable as your business evolves – your software system must be able to accommodate an increased load should your customer base grow. This is the most common type of licence for software that you will find in retail stores, including online outlets. Make sure you buy licensed software and keep safe your proof of ownership, such as the original distribution CDs or hologrammed certificate of authenticity.


Manitoba – High School Graduation Diploma with an overall average of 75% , 80% and 85% , including 5 credits awarded at the 300 level in at least 4 subject areas, and at least 65% in each subject. We may accept your English language grade from the Austrian Matura/Reifeprüfung if you achieved 2/5 in English . For Medicine country specific requirements please visit our Applying to Medicine website. Our BNurs and MNurs Nursing courses are only available to home/EU students. For Medicine country specific requirements, please visit our Applying to Medicine website. UCAS is a UK organisation responsible for managing applications to university and college.


This module aims to provide a fundamental knowledge of computer communications and network architecture from the user’s point of view. It aims to give an overall understanding of the issues and constraints involved in wired and wireless communication systems. Placements provide you with the opportunity to learn technical skills in a ‘live’ work environment. They can also lead to permanent positions with your placement company upon graduation, as Surbhi reveals.