Wedding Thoughts

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and almost lose your mind. There are so many different things that need to be considered and done. Here are some things you need to make sure you think about as you start planning for your day. 


There are several different people you’ll need to think about when planning your wedding. First is your guests. You get to decide who will be invited to your special day, so don’t feel pressured into inviting everyone you know. You’ll also need to think about the people you are going to need for the day. For instance, a minister to perform the ceremony, a photographer to collect the memories, a hairdresser to do your hair, and so on. 


While it’s possible to have a wedding without music, most of them will have at least a song or two somewhere. It’s very common to have a prelude playing while your guests are coming in, so think about what songs you might want for that. You should also have a song or two played or sung by a musical entertainer Los Angeles CA, when the wedding party is walking in. When you personally choose the songs for your wedding, it just adds another touch of romanticism. 


If you’re having a reception after the ceremony, you’ll need to think about what food you are going to serve. You may want to do a full meal, or perhaps just some light finger foods. Think about if you’re going to cater the event or if everything will be done in-house. Don’t forget about the wedding cake though. This is one of the most special and fun parts of the day. You’ll have to decide if you’re doing cake for everyone or maybe just some cupcakes and desserts.  

Don’t freak out when you realize how much you need to do for your wedding. Careful thinking and planning will help you make sure everything gets done.